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Welcome to the About Page of Prophetess Tish Shearer!

Modern culture presents us with a unique opportunity to embrace extraordinary thought leaders who possess the remarkable ability to transform our world into realms of soul healing, purpose amplification, and self-realization. Among these chosen few stands the compassionate trailblazer, Tish Shearer.

Tish Shearer is a 10X Best Seller and Multi-International Author, a respected cleric, and a fervent advocate for mental health. Her unwavering passion lies in reintroducing the uninspired to the boundless possibilities of a transformed life through the power of faith, motivation, and self-compassion. Having experienced God's benevolence firsthand, despite her own past transgressions, Tish serves as a living testament to what becomes possible when one surrenders their will to the redemptive forces of reconciliation and restoration.


Her mantra is simple yet profound: affectionately known as the "gravedigger," Tish heeds God's call to return to the battlefield of life and provide aid to the wounded, the physically and emotionally broken, the prisoners of war, and those devastated by the weight of despair. Through her inspirational messages, teachings, and writings, she strives to be a liberator and a catalyst for healing, addressing mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial anguish.

Tish Shearer possesses an unyielding passion for excellence, education, and servant leadership. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Exposition and a Bachelor of Science Degree with a focus in Religion Evangelism and a minor in Christian Counseling. Tish's commitment to academic excellence is evidenced by her membership in the National Honors Society and her graduation with Summa Cum Laude honors. Continually driven to expand her knowledge, she is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry-Biblical Studies Degree in Christian Leadership & Church Ministry as a Doctoral Candidate at Liberty University. Through the International Board of Christian Care (IBCC) and American Associations of Christian Counselor, she is a certified Christian Mental Health Coach and Life Coach. 

A natural-born leader, Tish Shearer dedicated many years of her life to serving our country as a Combat Veteran from 2001 to 2016.

Passionate about advancing her mission, Tish fearlessly advocates for change across reputable platforms. She is a TV & Radio Show Host and Partner with Anointed Radio Network (Fervently Creations: Marketplace Ministry). Motivated by the desire to share her testimony with absolute transparency, fostering healing and embracing authenticity, Tish creates judgment-free zones where she unwaveringly stands on the foundation of God's Word.

Beyond her global impact, Tish remains an invaluable asset to her community and a loving presence within her family and friendship circles.

Tish Shearer. Leader. Organizer. Humanitarian.

Thank you for visiting the About Page of Prophetess Tish Shearer.

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