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1.  Education
2. Religion
3. Family
4. Business
6. Arts/Entertainment
7. Media

Explore the transformative power of the Seven Mountains! Join the "Seven" Anthology and contribute your voice to shape society's key spheres of influence. Together, we'll ignite positive change and inspire transformation in education, religion, family, business, government/military, arts/entertainment, and media. Be a catalyst for a better world! The deadline to join is Sept 1, 2023

Break free from the confines of your mind! Be part of the captivating "Prisoner of War in the Mind" Anthology and share your triumphant story of liberation. Plus, enjoy the spotlight at our exclusive in-person book launch during the empowering Prisoner of War in the Mind Conference in June 2024. Join us on this transformative journey and inspire others with your story of mental freedom. Unleash your voice and be celebrated among fellow warriors of the mind. Reserve your spot now and prepare for a life-changing experience! The deadline to join is Feb 1, 2024


Prisoner of War in the Mind: Reloaded

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